The Statement of the Iranian Teachers Trade Association

25 06 2010

June 25, 2010

In the Name of the God of Soul and Wisdom

Two months have passed since the arrest of the general secretary and the spokesperson of the Iranian Teachers Trade Association. Two months that we spent with difficulty but patiently. At the time of their arrests, the first question for everyone was: for what reason?

The Iranian Teachers Trade Association, considering the delicate situation in the country in the current school year, despite our criticisms and objections with the performance of the education officials, refrained from any public protest actions and even issuing critical statements. The Association patiently stayed silent on the lengthy incarceration of our colleagues especially Rasoul Bodaghi and the cutting of his salary hoping for speedy judicial process and resolving of his case and his freedom. We remained witness to the difficulties faced by his family especially his small children not having their father around. We are also witnessing the continued incarceration and summoning of our other colleagues Hashem Khastar, Abdollah Moemeni, Mohammad Davari, Esmael Abdi, and others.





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