Iranian ships to depart from Turkey?

25 06 2010

Bethlehem – Ma’an/Agencies – Citing unnamed organizers, Israeli media reported Friday that Iran will not send ships to Gaza in an effort to break the continued siege on Gaza.

US-based CNN released a report with a Tehran dateline, saying the official news agency of Iran released a statement to the same effect, quoting Hussein Sheikh Al-Islam, secretary-general of the International Conference for the Support of the Palestinian Intifada, in the statement as saying: “The Iranian ship carrying humanitarian aid will not go to Gaza.”

According to the CNN report, the ships had been ready to sail on Thursday.

Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz said organizers with an unnamed group called off the voyage following Israeli threats, adding that the ships were getting ready to leave on Sunday, while the online news site Ynet quoted an unnamed member of the Iranian parliament as saying a different boat, carrying four of the country’s lawmakers among other nationals, would set sail from turkey instead.

Ynet also quoted Al-Islam, saying he spoke at a press conference that the trip had been canceled because of “the violent and inhuman attitude of the Zionist regime to humanitarian aid.”





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