The events of 22 Bahman (LIVE UPDATE)

11 02 2010

16:02 GMT: END OF LIVE UPDATES FOR NOW! (With special thanks to reader Paria who provided us with news)

16:oo GMT:

15:55 GMT: People broke both side windows of Ahmadinejad’s supporting car.

15:45 GMT:

15:40 GMT: Persian2English writes: A 27-year old woman named Leila Zareyi was shot and murdered by goons in Tehran’s Valiasr Square. Reports indicate that the “goon’s” name is Rahim Rezaei.

15:28 GMT: Security forces continue to clash with opposition demonstrators in various parts of Tehran, including Arya Shahr and Ferdows Boulevard. Basijis and police who have been stationed in the city since last night are reportedly exhausted and have been compelled to retreat on several occasions.

15:27 GMT: Protesters continue to demonstrate in Chamran & Namazi streets. 6:45 PM Tehran time Shiraz

15:23 GMT:

15:20 GMT: Twitter RUMOR: “Khomeini’s daughter and her husband arrested.”

15:15 GMT:

15:01 GMT: Basiji’s attack people!

15:00 GMT: Regime bike on fire!

14:55 GMT:

14:50 GMT: Some Photos:

14:40 GMT: Kalameh (translated by mousavi’s facebook group):

“Despite the false news of coup government’s propaganda machine reporting that Mir Hossein Mousavi was absent in today’s demonstration, this morning Mir Hossein Mousavi like the previous years, attended the Feb 11th demonstrations. He was trying to join the people from Azadi St when the plain clothes militia, Special Forces and thugs with batons surrounded him and did not let him join the crowd. This is despite the fact that Mousavi every year in the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution attended the demonstration and marched with people but this year the hardliners blocked his way and did not let him join the people.”

14:35 GMT: Brutal attack on protestor

14:30 GMT: Still clashes in Aryashahr and Ferdowsi Boulevard….

14:27 GMT: Kalameh confirms report (translated by facebook group close to Mousavi:

“Dr. Zahra Rahnavard, wife of Mir Hossein Mousavi, who was intending to join the people in the demonstration from Sadeghiye Square was surrounded and attacked by plain clothes militia. The plain clothes militia physically assaulted her and beat her with batons at her head and back. Zahra Rahnavard after this incident with the support of a large crowd of people who made a human shield to protect her, was able to leave the area.”

14:24 GMT: Apparently the reports about Zahra Rahnavard being attacked are true.

14:22 GMT:Iranian Opposition reports widespread protester turnout.

14:18 GMT:

14:13 GMT: TWITTER RUMOR: Zahra Rahnavard was assaulted by basijis at Sadeghieh square

14:10 GMT:

14:02 GMT: An eyewitness told Radio Zamaneh that in Aryashar, in the west of Tehran, protesters are being beaten up by government forces. Anti-riot police have used electric batons to disperse the crowds and some protesters have been sighted with blood on their faces.

13:55 GMT: Clashes continue in Tehran and other cities.

13:50 GMT: Video of a small pro regime rally in Tabriz

13:43 GMT:

13:40 GMT: There is an unconfirmed report that Leily Zarei,  a 27 year old girl, was killed by a bullet at Tehran’s Vali Asr Square.

13:30 GMT: TWITTER RUMOR: “Heavy clashes reported from Azadi Sq at 4:15pm, many injured,police using shred guns.”

13:20 GMT: Radan ordering total confrontation and arrest of protesters on police radio.

13:18 GMT: The reports coming from Shiraz (South Eastern Iran) indicate that scattered clashes around Setad Square and side streets in central Shiraz are taking place. Regime forces are using paintball bullets to mark and identify the protestors.

Reports from Mashhad (in Eastern Iran) indicate clashes in 15 Khordad Square and Taghi Abad neighborhood  between people and Basidijis.
Reportedly , Ali Karroubi, the son of presidential candidate Mehdi Karroubi has been arrested.

13:10 GMT: TWITTER RUMOR: “Greens managed to start a crowd of a few 100 north of Tehran.Big crowd around Vanak square.”

13:08 GMT:

13:05 GMT:

12:55 GMT:

12:53 GMT:


12:45 GMT: According to reliable sources Rafsanjani apparently took part at the OFFICIAL rally and not the Green march!

12:38 GMT:

12:35 GMT:

12:22 GMT: Reports about plans for mass gathering at central squares of Tehran at 12:30 GMT and 16:00 local time!

12:19 GMT:

12:17 GMT: At least 100 people arrested in Mashad.

12:15 GMT :

12:12 GMT: Hossein Karoubi: “Today we have witnessed the most brutal behaviour of Pro-Gov forces in the past 8 months.”

12:10 GMT: People in Tehran’s Shahrake Gharb destroyed the portrait of the Supreme Leader

11:57 GMT: Karoubi’s son confirms to CNN: “My father was attacked…now the doctors are treating him, because  his eyes have been hurt because of tear gas.”

Mehdi Karoubi’s son confirms to CNN his father was attacked. Doctor treating him for tear gas burns to his eyes.

11:55 GMT: Video from Sadeghie Square…people demand a referendum!

11:52 GMT: Protesters Gather on Yadegar Imam Road


11:41 GMT: JARAS: Official pro-government march of 22 Bahman have ended, yet sporadic clashes continue in different areas of the city of Tehran. More riot police forces are called in to suppress the protesters. Eyewitnesses report armed riot police on motorcycles heading toward Central Tehran. It is also said that a large number of military forces are stationed around Supreme Leader’s residence, TV and Radio building, and Amirabad Shomali street.

11:40 GMT: Photo from Sadeghie Square

11:35 GMT:

11:30 GMT: Report of people burning portraits of Ahmadinejad and the Supreme Leader in Shiraz

11:27 GMT: Twitter Rumor: “Clashes at Vesal St./ Mobile Network is Shut Down”

11:26 GMT: Twitter Rumor: “Clashes at Chahrbagh Bala Blvd. in Isfahan.”

11:25 GMT: Twitter Rumor: “Clashes at Satarkhan St., Police Fire Tear Gas on People.”

11:20 GMT: Shootings in the air to disperse protests and heavy clashes between People and security forces in several iranian cities.

11:15 GMT: Concentration of Anti-Riot forces to governmental buildings! (see photo)

11:05 GMT:

11:00 GMT: Now the Greens have apprently also gathered in the city of Ahvaz and are chanting Anti-regime slogans like “death to the dictator”.

10:55 GMT: Peyke Iran:  In Isfahan, people have gathered on and around SIO SE POLL and are chating Green slogans

10:41 GMT:

10:40 GMT:

10:39 GMT:

10:37 GMT:

10:31 GMT: Rahe Sabz: Anti-Riot forces are moving to central Tehran, Seda o Sima Head Quarters and even to the Supreme Leaders house!

10:26 GMT:

10:25 GMT: BBC: Foreign Journalist aren’t allowed to leave Azadi Square.

10:20 GMT: Rahe Sabz:  Massive Clashes between plain clothes and Greens at north Amirabad


10:12 GMT: Rahe Sabz: Security  forces firing tear gases in Vanak square/ Severe clashes around Vanak.

10:11 GMT: 2 girls not wearing scarfs got arrested in Vali-Asr street

10:05 GMT:

9:50 GMT: TWITTER RUMOR: Protests in Mashad – ‘bigger than ever’ according to source. Mullahs again joined the Green protests.

9:45 GMT: The Rev. Road blog: Clashes on Vesal St. have continued, preventing the people from moving to Azadi Sq.

9:40 GMT: GOOD OVERVIEW from our friends at Enduring Amrica: “So far, this morning is a repeat of the mornings of other protest days. While the regime tries to hold its showpiece rally, the priority of security forces is to prevent any mass gathering of opposition.

So the running violence throughout the capital is of Iranian security forces pushing back at crowds as they move towards squares. The most dramatic examples was the aggression against the entourages of Mehdi Karroubi and Mohammad Khatami, but the episodes is being repeated in numerous places.”

9:37 GMT: IMPORTANT REPORT: Ayatollah Rafsanjani joined ppl rally from Palestina St.

9:30 GMT: More TWITTER: “People are moving towards Evin. Heavy traffic in Chamran & Yadegar Emam highways”

9:25 GMT: many many different rumors are spread via TWITTER like: “Ppl are about 3 km from Evin & clashing with Basij & IRGC.” AND “Emergency Status declared for greater Tehran.”

9:22 GMT: Twitter Rumor: Severe clashes in Isfahan, many injured

9:20 GMT: Twitter Rumor:  Basijis shooting in the air in panic at Enghelab Square

9:15 GMT:

9:12 GMT:

9:10 GMT:

9:00 GMT: The first Video:

8:56 GMT: TWITTER RUMOR: Over 10 people injured in Aryashahr .

8:55 GMT: The Rev. Road: Police forces have shot at the people in Arya Shahr. According to a Jaras reporter, the forces attacked the rally just before noon and shot at the protesters. Following the shooting, the crowd began to chant: “Khamenei is a murder! His rule is illegitimate!”
Our reporter has also stated that a large crowd gathered in Arya Shahr and was dispersed by the police through gun shots.

8:50 GMT: The Rev Road Blog reports that Mohammad Reza Khatami & Zahra Eshraghi were released.

8:47 GMT: The Revolutionary Road Blog reports that Zahra Eshraghi, Khomini’s granddaughter, has been arrested. Some sources have also reported the arrest of Ali Karroubi and Mohammad Reza Khatami. Enduring America adds that Rah-e-Sabz is claiming that her husband Mohammad Reza Khatami, first Secretary-General of the reformist Islamic Iran Participation Front (and not to be confused with former President Khatami) has also been arrested

8:45 GMT: Peyke Iran and swedish DN report that gun fire was heard in some part of Tehan (apparently Aryashahr)

8:05 GMT:  CONFIRMED: Mehdi Karoubi’s son ALI has been arrested

7:35 GMT: Reports of Mehdi Karoubi’s car being attacked by pro-gov forces is confirmed

7:30 GMT: reports that Ahmadinejad held a speech at Azadi Square




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