Iran Labor Report: Mansour Osanloo transferred to solitary ward known as the “doghouse”

10 02 2010

Network of Iranian Labor Unions (NILU)

Based on reports obtained by the group Human Rights and Democracy Activists of Iran, Mansour Osanloo, the famed leader of the Tehran bus drivers union, has been transferred to the solitary ward no.1 in Gohardasht prison, also known as the “doghouse”.

On Tuesday, February 9, Osanloo and another jailed prisoner, Afshin Baymani, have been called in by the ward security at Karaj Gohardasht prison where he had been jailed and interrogated for extended periods of time. After threatening them with further pressures, they were then transferred to the solitary cells in hall 2 of ward number1.

These cells are notorious for having the most appalling conditions in the entire prison. Those in detention are physically abused and denied visitor rights. The political prisoners and the regular inmates suffer from all manner of mistreatments from poor sanitary services to denial of medical care and medicine to lack of blankets to paucity of food rations.

The medieval-like conditions dominating in these wards have in the past caused frequent protests by inmates including three full prison takeovers by the prisoners.

February 15 has been designated as the global day of solidarity with Mansour Osanloo. The abhorrent treatment of a trade union leader in such conditions is truly unpardonable.




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10 02 2010
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[…] GMT: On the Labour Front. Mansour Osanloo, the leader of the Tehran bus drivers union, has been transferred to Solitary Ward Number 1 in Gohardasht Prison, also known as the […]

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