Khatami:Determining the expediency of the country is not by one person

6 02 2010

Translation from the Facebook page supporting Mir Hossein Mousavi.

Original Source
Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, former president, in an interview while explaining the goals and principles of the Islamic Revolution criticised the radical movements who interpret religion and freedom against each other.

Then by comparing the Islamic Revolution to other recent revolutions said that this revolution was truly based on people’s will and had less financial and human costs, given that it overthrow a very powerful establishment.

Khatami reinstated that the main demand of the people was to be free from tyranny and foreign intervention. He said that what was unique about the Islamic Revolution was that the historic demands of the nation was linked to the historic identity of the nation and people asked their demands through religion; and religion was taken to mean such that it became the basis for freedom, independence, prosperity and justice so that the Islamic Republic was born from the Islamic Revolution.

Then he added: “But we should not think that after the victory of the Islamic Revolution on Feb 11th everything is done, but the fact is that Feb 11th if only a beginning of the hard efforts of the people in order to achieve the goals and demands of the revolution.”

Khatami continued: “Reform is nothing separate from this path and that is why we believe that it has deep roots and cannot be eliminated.”

He also emphasised: “Expediency is not according to desire, to consider something for the expediency of the country if it is desirable to one, and consider it against the expediency if it is not desirable is wrong…Determining the expediency of the country is very delicate and specialised and naturally should be done by specialists not only one individual or a specific trend of thought.”

Khatami by defending the track record of reform during his presidency and comparing it to the current critical situation of the country suggested that there would be fair judgments on reform era and its achievements and said: “Our goal during the reform era was a government based on people’s will and their votes and having a responsible government that would provide the tools for democracy and freedoms, honour the dignity of all those who respect the constitution regardless of their views and opinions as well as economic, social and cultural prosperity of the country, strengthening the foundations of international respect and providing security for the nation and by the nation.”




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