Al-Haya: Changes in coming days toward achieving conciliation

6 02 2010

Shaath and Al-Haya

Published yesterday (updated) 06/02/2010 09:25

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Gaza – Ma’an – “There will be changes within the coming days toward achieving conciliation,” said senior Hamas leader Khalil Al-Haya following a meeting with Fatah Central Committee member Nabil Sha’ath and de facto Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Thursday.

At Haniyeh’s home in the Ash-Shati Refugee Camp, Al-Haya revealed that Sha’ath and the de facto prime minister exchanged documents for review, detailing the means of overcoming recent impasses reached in the ratification of the Egyptian document, tipped to end Fatah-Hamas rivalry and restore national unity.

Sha’ath said he considered the meeting a step toward reviving confidence in both parties, saying, “We did not talk about details but rather what would create the right atmosphere and what would bring our people close to unity.”

The Fatah leader himself expressed increased confidence in a unity deal, saying “I am leaving here more optimistic and hopeful, and warmer despite the cold weather,” as he left Haniyeh’s home.

Preparing for negotiations

“I was not negotiating in Gaza. I am not authorized to do so. This does not reopen the Egyptian proposal but rather it is opening the door for partnership and the future … If this meeting is going to lead to practical steps, then I will be the happiest person among all.”

Sha’ath further noted that Hamas and Fatah representatives at the meeting all recognized the hard work that went into Egypt’s efforts in achieving national reconciliation.

Fatah wants Hamas to sign the document, “after which we will together implement it on the ground,” Sha’ath said. Hamas, however, has said it will not sign unless some amendments are made to the document. Egypt was not responsive to the request that the document be changed.

Meanwhile, Al-Haya said that the “meeting is important and will be built on … we did not talk of details, but rather about our concerns, as well as our issues.”

The Hamas member said the meeting between members of Fatah at Haniyeh’s home was an important foundation upon which bilateral relations can be built. “We can’t escape conciliation. We should go to Egypt and sign the proposal based on it. It is the foundation [of reconciliation].”

After the meeting, Sha’ath asserted that he hoped reconciliation will be achieved before the Arab Summit convenes in March, in Libya.

Fatah members traveling to Gaza

Al-Haya said that Haniyeh respected the Fatah movement, which “has all freedom to work. Its members do not need to ask for a permit from anyone. It [Fatah] is not banned [from Gaza].”

The Hamas member made the announcement following the meeting, despite recent declarations by the de facto government that Fatah members seeking to enter the costal enclave would require permission from the Gaza government before hand.

On Wednesday Haniyeh said welcoming Sha’ath that Gaza “is open for all.”

“We did not offer the Fatah movement or Nabil Sha’ath a ‘favor’ in coming because both Gaza and the West Bank are one homeland for all,” Al-Haya said.

Meanwhile, Sha’ath affirmed that President Mahmoud Abbas had called on Fatah leaders and members to travel to Gaza, a stance reflected by the movement’s two main bodies, the Revolutionary Council and the Central Committee.




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