90 Lebanese Scholars and Progressives Sign Statement in Support of Green Movement

5 02 2010

According to a report by Jaras, 90 scholars and progressives in Lebanon have issued a statement expressing their support for the Green Movement.

The statement reads:

They tried so hard to destroy our memory and our cities. But you can see today that we shout for freedom (from oppression)  from Beirut to Tehran  with one voice and one heart.

[We are] the city where Seyed Mohammad Khatami once said, “You should be proud of Beirut, the Mediterranean Bride.”  We, the democratically-minded Lebanese people, announce our support for the the movement of the people of Iran for freedom, democracy, and pluralism.

We listen to Tehran today, we understand its language – the language of freedom. We notice the scars on its proud body. It is from this position that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the freedom-loving people and the Green Movement of Iran and its political prisoners against the murderers.

We share your sorrow and we seek the same justice of all human beings, no matter what language they speak.

Translation by: Tour Irani

Deutsche Übersetzung auf Julias Blog lesen




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