Letter by Participation Front to head of judiciary about executions

30 01 2010

Translation from the Facebook page supporting Mir Hossein Mousavi (with special thanks to  “Negar Irani”).

Farsi version

Dear Mr. Larijani the honorable Head of the Judiciary,

The news of the execution of 2 prisoners accused of being Moharebs created a spark of surprise and astonishment amongst the nation of Iran and during a time when the political atmosphere is one of fervent hope to wipe out the dark clouds of hatred and vengeance, this faulty action by the judiciary system was only further proof that there is no willingness and desire to create calm in the country’s political atmosphere.

The judiciary, already accused of political maneuvering and ignoring justice and fairness, because of its illegal and doubtful behavior towards reputable political forces arrested and jailed unfairly after the elections, will now be questioned even more after issuing suspicious death sentences for 9 people and hastily executing 2 others.

A death sentence is regretful regardless of whom it is issued against, or whether or not that person deserves the punishment or is guilty of the crime. Even though we have no intellectual or actual kinship with these people, we are worried that the judiciary system is under the influence of forces that continue to move towards ordering further bloodshed and executions.

You are well aware that the death sentence is the only sentence that is irreversible. The legislators have therefore deliberately and knowingly created bureaucracy intended to lengthen the process between issuing and implementing a sentence in order to minimize any possible errors and unfair sentencing. The hasty executions of Mr. Rahmanipour and Mr. Alizamani have created much ambiguity and many open questions.

These two young men were naturally executed with your approval. In order to provide clarity to a highly inflamed public and in particular the supporters of the Islamic Revolution, who view this type of behavior against Islamic principles and enlighten the public and eliminate any unnecessary advertising and propaganda against the system and more importantly protect the dignity of the judiciary and make sure that it is not compromised, it is important that you respond to the myriad of open questions raised some of which we will present in this letter. If these sentences were fair and based on the law then calm will return to the political atmosphere. If god forbid, it is determined that unknowingly, these sentences were unfair and wrong, then you need to make it clear who will take responsibility for this heinous act, so that we eliminate the need to create committees such as those created to deal with the crimes at Kahrizak.

1) When were these individuals arrested? What was the reason for their arrests?

2) What was the logic for trying these individuals in the courts dealing with the aftermath of the elections, when they were clearly arrested a few weeks before the elections?

3) How were confessions obtained from them? In addition to their confessions, what other valid evidence was used to document their crimes?

4) Were fair judiciary procedures observed in their proceedings? Did they have access to legal representation? Were their lawyers allowed to visit them? Were their lawyers provided with sufficient time to review their case?

5) Is there any validity to the claims that the defendants were encouraged by interrogators to provide false confessions with the promise of lighter sentences? If true, does this not undermine the foundation of such a court?

6) Can the confessions given at the show trials, directed by those who committed the crimes at Kahrizak and were also responsible for interrogating the accused, be the basis for issuing such heavy sentences?

7) Was the minimum Islamic compassion shown towards the accused, allowing them to meet with their families one last time before their execution?

Mr. Larijani, these questions and many tens more that have remained unanswered, have lead the public to believe that the issuance and implementation of these sentences had no legal basis, was politically motivated and without logic, and God forbid, used to create political pressure and generate fear amongst the nation.

Mr. Larijani, we are aware that many of the penal codes based on constitutional principles were ignored in the the issuance and implementation of these sentences, in particular rules 168, 165, 38, 35, 32 and that the lack of response to these ambiguities will cause irreparable damages to the country and the system.

I will share the truth with you / You can either learn from my words or take offense

The Islamic Iran Participation Front
29 Jan 2010




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30 01 2010
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