Mehdi Karoubi: There is no retreating when it comes to people’s rights

28 01 2010

Thanks to Mousavi’s Facebook group for the translation.

Original source: Saham News

Mehdi Karoubi in an interview with SahamNews, Etemad Melli’s official website, answered some questions about the recent news by FarsNews, coup government’s propaganda machine, and once again emphasised that he firmly believes that the presidential elections was rigged and he is no compromise and retreating when it comes to defending people’s rights. The full transcript of his interview is as follows:

Mr. Karoubi! Recently there was news from you regarding the placement of Ahmadinejad’s administration that was followed by different interpretations. The most important interpretation that bothered many people was the idea of your retreating and overlooking your position after the election. Did your remark mean retreating and entering a new phase?

It is really strange for me that the experts misunderstood my clear and blunt remark. I ask the experts to pay attention to the introduction and conclusion of my remark. I have emphasised on my criticism over the problems with the election and its results which were the outcome of fraud and engineering the votes and continue to do so. However, Mr. Ahmadinejad is the head of the administration, whom despite all the protests has taken the power in the executive branch and thus must be accountable for his actions. Currently everyone, inside and outside [the country], in favour of him or in opposition, calls him the head of the establishment’s administration meaning the one who controls the executive branch. Therefore, they demand [from him] what is the responsibility of the head of the executive branch. This is not something new and does not mean retreating from the previous position at all. This is just like other countries that when someone takes the power, regardless of how, he/she is called with the relevant title. The protestors’ and my criticism about the legitimacy of this power is still intact and I still believe that the people’s right to determine their fate was ignored in the tenth presidential election. If the election had been held correctly and the Guardian Council had really safeguarded the constitution, the outcome would have been different and the country and people would not have paid such cost. As I have said before, since this administration has not risen from the people’s vote, it cannot continue with its work.

You criticized the guardian council while Mr. Janati in his latest remarks has said that the Islamic Republic conducted one of the healthiest elections. He called the claim of fraud in election by people inside and outside the country ridiculous and stupid and said those people have sold themselves and have committed betrayal that no one has done before. What is your opinion about these remarks that are a clear insult to this country’s nation and its senior figures?

I read Mr. Janati’s remarks too. It is close to thirty years that Mr. Janati has been in the Guardian Council and for many years he has been the Genral Secretary of this council and has had a decisive role in there. The talent of Mr. Janati and his friends has been to turn the legal stature of this council to this pitiful situation. He considers the claims of fraud in election ridiculous and calls is betraying the country but who is that does not know the one who betrayed this revolution, the martyr’s blood, Imam [Khomeini] and the dear people of Iran is he himself that has brought the country and the revolution to a point that even funerals are held with the presence of the riot police and plain clothes militia. Pre-approving candidates in the elections and extensively disqualifying this country’s experts in various election such as for the assembly of experts, the parliament and the presidential election and making up results as they please and even changing results after the announcement of them are some of his talents which these betrayals are not only evident to him but also to the people. Mr. Janati, today the cry of Iranian people is the response to your betrayal of the people’s votes, the constitution and Imam Khomeini’s and martyrs’ idea by making the principle of the election meaningless and slaughtered the republics of the establishment.




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28 01 2010
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