Mehdi Karoubi: I will never compromise over people’s rights

26 01 2010

Translated by MirHossein Mousavi’s Facebook group:

Original source: Saham News

Mehdi Karoubi, in a meeting with a group of prominent political figures including some of the leaders of reformist parties said: Although today they have shutdown newspapers, filtered websites, imprisoned many of our dear friends, closed down the office of [reformist] parties including the Etemad Melli office and even my personal office, although they fired shots at my car, although some are threatening everyday and are insulting Mir Hossein Mousavi, me and the great nation of Iran in every way possible and take our words out of content, but I am firmly announcing that I never compromise over people’s rights and one of the main rights of this nation is their votes that they casted in the ballot boxes while trusting the authorities; and I will be with the people till the very end and will try for holding free elections and eliminating current obstacles

; I will announce my detailed views regarding the principles of the Islamic Revolution, defending people’s rights and the necessity for holding free elections to the noble nation of Iran soon.




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26 01 2010
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[…] 1555 GMT: Karroubi Clarifies, Repeats, Challenges. From The Flying Carpet Institute, via the Facebook site linked to Mir Hossein Mousavi and Saham News: Mehdi Karoubi, in a meeting […]

26 01 2010

Will you please post the farsi text of Karroubi’s interview. Thank you

26 01 2010

Hi Megan,
Which Interview do you mean? With Fars News?
Or do you mean the orginal text that was published in Saham News?

26 01 2010

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