Mehdi Karoubi condemns rigged election and violence on people one more time

26 01 2010

Translated by “Negar Irani” for MirHossein Mousavi’s Facebook group:

Source: Saham News

In relation to issues regarding the election, Mehdi Karoubi, the head of the Etemad Melli Party, said:With the passing of time, I become even more convinced of the extensive manipulations and fraud that took place in the recent elections, as every day we receive new information that demonstrates the regrettable nature in which the authorities handled the trust given to them by the people of Iran.”

With regards to the events that occurred after the elections, Karoubi noted: “Ask yourself what were the desires and demands of the the people who spontaneously came to the streets in such large numbers after the election? What were the demands of the 3 million people who roared in the streets from Imam Hossein to Azadi square, with their silent march, without any form of advertising or propaganda motivating them to attend? Should the response to a nation who took to the streets with such noble intentions have been batons, tear gas and gun shots? Should our dear youth who dared ask “Where is our Vote?” within the framework of the law, have faced violence and death at Kahrizak and other prisons?”

Karoubi strongly criticized the unacceptable treatment of the people and said: “We should tell those responsible for these atrocities “How do you expect the people of Iran to accept your one sided claims regarding the election when it is so evident that you lie? Did some of you not have the audacity to suggest that these young people had lost their lives to meningitis? Would you have ever admitted to the occurrence of these crimes had it not been for persistent and defiant cries & demands by myself, Mr. Mousavi and the brave nation of Iran?”




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27 01 2010
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