Karoubi’s son: “There is no compromise and there is no fear.”

26 01 2010

Translated by MirHossein Mousavi’s Facebook group

Original source: Saham News

Mohammad-Taghi Karoubi, son of Mehdi Karoubi, in an interview in reaction to the news reported by FarsNews (propaganda machine) which claimed that Karoubi recognises Ahmadinejad’s government as a legitimate one, said:

“Mehdi Karoubi is an honest and brave man who won’t sell his eternal life and people’s love, for the sake of this short material life. If there was a case of compromise or ignoring the events, he would have not tolerated all the insults, inhuman attacks and assassination threats for seven months. Be sure that if there is any news that Mehdi Karoubi would know about, he will announce that truthfully and bluntly. There is no compromise and there is no fear!” he added that: “Legitimacy and reality are two separate issues. In order to gain legitimacy in any case there is the need to satisfy certain conditions. Mehdi Karoubi have repeatedly said this since the first day [after election] till today that he does not accept that the result of the election was based on the votes casted by the people. Even yesterday he emphasised that there are issues with the results. In his views the results of the election were fabricated. But following the confirmation by the Guardian Council and the Supreme Leader according to the law, Ahmadinejad became the head of the administration, whether we like it or not. The head of the administration gives the budget and makes decisions that influence our lives, we cannot deny this reality. But to gain recognition and legitimacy, it is needed to satisfy certain conditions and the protestors believe those conditions were not met”




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27 01 2010
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[…] course, set out by his website Saham News, with a series of English translations. This was Karroubi’s son Mohammad Taghi yesterday: Mehdi Karroubi is an honest and brave man who won’t sell his eternal life and people’s love, […]

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