IRAN LABOR REPORT: Five Rasoul Auto Workers unjustly terminated for strike activity at Isfahan Steel

25 01 2010

Network of Iranian Labor Unions (NILU)

January 23, 2010

In an email sent to the Free Association of Iranian Workers, the Ad Hoc Council of the Isfahan Steel Workers reports that five workers at Rasoul Auto were recently fired due to alleged strike activity. Rasoul Auto Company, which handles employee transportation at the Isfahan Steel Complex, has experienced two rounds of strikes over the past month.

Both of these strikes have been caused by disputed back pay. The most recent strike was ameliorated after the October salaries were paid in full. Yet, November and December wages remain unsettled.

Workers at Rasoul Auto are divided into two employment brackets: workers who drive company buses receive long term contracts while workers who use their own vehicles receive temporary contracts. Long and short term employees were among those laid off in the recent company backlash.




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25 01 2010
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