Reformist attacks government on Iran’s state-owned Channel 3 (Part V)

17 01 2010

Part 5 (last part)  of Dr. Etaat’s remarks

Part 4

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

*I’ll give you an example of Saadat Abad in Tehran. You know that Saadat Abad is in uptown Tehran (Balaye Shahr) and that the average of its inhabitants is wealthier than in most other parts of Tehran. I remember that the price for bread (Noone Sangak) war 200 Tomans and every time I wanted bread I had to wait in a very long queue. Now when I want to buy bread there is no queue, because people have to pay 500 Romans nowadays. So if even the rich can’t afford bread, now imagine how the lives of those people who live under the poverty line are.*

*We had written a letter to the Supreme Leader to solve the countries problems and issued that the representatives will face serious difficulties to legitimate themselves if the problems aren’t be solved. But you attacked us back then and said that we were disrespectful to the Supreme Leader.*

*According to the law of the Islamic republic it was our right to send representatives as observers to the polling stations. That’s according to your own laws and when we demanded that you said that we are part of an international conspiracy.*

*You pretend that every single vote is holy but 700.000 casted votes in Tehran, during the last parliamentary elections, were counted as invalid. We all know that the election supervisor was a staunch conservative.*

*But what about the presidential elections last summer? You even paid people to vote for you. At 25th Khordad people showed their dissatisfaction about the way the counting of the votes was conducted.*

*Imam Ali said: “If people are suspicious to you, you must convince them about your aims. You will benefit only because your people will thank you. And you have showed that you are capable to serve them.*

*You are afraid that people could riot when you let them protest. But I ask you this: What are paying the security forces (Nirooye Entezaami) for?*

*by what logic did the Ahmadinejad hold his “victory rally” right after the elections, when the guardian council hadn’t even confirmed the result yet?*

*You seriously say that the regime showed tolerance after the elections?! How can you even say that when you didn’t let people gather legally, when you jailed prominent reformists? Their “crimes” were to hold speeches for Mousavi and Karoubi before the elections. Please tell me were the regime was tolerant!*

*We acknowledge fair and free elections and accept our defeat but when 8 of 12 members of the guardian council are known as staunch supporters of Ahmadinejad, you don’t have to wonder why people don’t accept the election results.*

*You say that you predicted the people’s reactions? Of course you predicted it, because you knew that you would make people angry. If you have plans to slap someone in the face, its normal that you predict a reaction. So your prediction was no masterwork.

Jay E.




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17 01 2010
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