Reformist attacks government on Iran’s state-owned Channel 3 (Part IV)

17 01 2010

Part 4 of Dr. Etaat’s remarks

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

*Your faction in parliament once said that the reformers had no economic agenda when they ruled the country! But the truth is that our policies were far more effective than yours! You said that we couldn’t people’s problems. What about you? Let me say this: The problems of the people must be solved by democratic measures. The conservative elite turned down a lot of candidates for parliament for whatever reasons. If you don’t let peoples true representatives enter the parliament, be sure that the problems can’t be solved.*

*It’s a fact that the more democratic the system is, the wealthier its people are. I simple comparison between eastern Europe and the more democratic western Europe shows that.*

*It’s a shame that officially 14% of our people are living under the poverty line, and we are becoming even poorer, despite the fact that we are an oil rich country…[…]…*

*The policies of this administration are an insult to people’s intellect. You build a defect railroad system from Shiraz to Tehran. The second time this railroad was used by a train it jumped the rails. You built this railroad system only for propaganda reasons to win more votes. Your policies are fatal and then you wonder why people are angry with you. *

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17 01 2010
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