Reformist attacks government on Iran’s state-owned Channel 3 (Part III)

16 01 2010

Part 3 of Dr.Etaat’s remarks!

Part 2

Part 1

*Among all those people you have put in jail, Behzad Nabavi told me that 4 days prior to the elections they had already issued his arrest warrant. Let’s assume that Henry Kissinger was responsible for Nabavi’s political activities. Now I ask you, since when does Mr.Kissinger decide for an Iranian? You pretend to love the Imam (Khomeini), but it was him who said “America can’t do a damn thing”! Kissinger was decades ago the foreign minister of the United States and now you make him bigger than he is. If Kissinger had so much power to organize protests inside Iran, why couldn’t he avoid Ahmadinejads re-election, who by your claims won the majority of the votes. So please don’t say things that might ridicule yourselves.*

*You put a lot of people in jail and that is contradicting with the values of Islam. And now people are critical to you. They are critical both to your economic and political policies.*

*Imam Ali said: “Keep those people close to yourselves who criticize you. Their words might even be bitter but in the end you will benefit from them.”*

*You closed many newspapers. Keep in mind Ali’s words and please tell me now why you did that! Did they do anything else but express their dissatisfaction? Didn’t they just criticize you the way Ali wished?*

*When I talked with students before the election, they said that they consider Mousavi a conservative and a representative of the establishment. Mr. Mousavi who is a conservative is according to you now the leader of the Fitna and a counter-revolutionary.  Even Ali said: “If you want to rule be wise and fair because nobody is free from error and even I can make mistakes.” But whatever your opponent say you try to crush him. An opponent who even has not the opportunities you have…[…]…*

*Please tell us how we can express our opposition. I will be very thankful if you could help me out! We say that according to Article 27 of our constitution it is allowed to protest publicly. We even demanded a live TV debate where at the end of it people can decide per SMS who is right and who is not*

*…[…]…One of your parliamentary colleagues once said that the price of fuel must be max. 30 Tomans. Now your colleagues say 600-700Tomans? What does that mean? My conclusion is that the government has absolutely not a clue what it is doing?…[…]  you don’t have a proper plan to solve the countries problems and that makes the people angry.

*Again, you forbid the people to have their own free media, you forbid them to hold rallies and you generally forbid people to gather. Please tell me, what are we allowed to do in this country? […]*

Jay E.




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16 01 2010
Interview von IRIB mit Dr. Javad Etaat, Teil 3 « Julia's Blog

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16 01 2010

Great, great job, both Dr. Etaat and The Flying Carpet Institute. This is one of the best things from Iran I have read in the past 7 months. Thank you so much for translating this interview and making it available for more people. All English parts are/will be translated to German on
Thank you again!

16 01 2010
Iran Video & Translation: Dr Etaat’s Opposition On State Media (14 January — Part 3) | Enduring America

[…] Like the first two parts of the video, translation is by our friends at The Flying Carpet Institute: […]

17 01 2010
17 01 2010

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