Reformist attacks government on Iran’s state-owned Channel 3 (Part II)

16 01 2010

Part 2 of Dr.Etaat’s remarks!

Part 1

*You say that we prepared the ground for riots. I believe that it’s not right to generalize. The number of opponents of the government is far higher than the number of those you see on the streets protesting. You have to consider that you haven’t even permitted one of those past street rallies. On 25th Khordad for example, people came to the streets even though there was no official call from the opposition to demonstrate. But still 2-3 Million Iranians took the streets. If you had permitted the marches, a guaranteed right according to the constitution of the Islamic Republic,  you can be sure that the number of the protesters would be much much higher than what you have witnessed on that day.*

*You always mention law but you don’t understand that your very own acts are against the law. Our constitution (Article 27)  says: “Public gatherings and marches may be freely held, provided arms are not carried and that they are not detrimental to the fundamental principles of Islam.” We often asked you to allow us to hold rallies. By the way, we also asked for a permission to publicly protest against the bursting of the Imam’s portrait. The green movement condemns any kind of violence and if a minority uses violence then it’s wrong to say all the protesters are violent rioters. One of  the representatives of the government once said, that people who want to protest on the streets must also provide security by themselves. But I ask you why we pay the police? They are paid to protect the people and offer general security in the society!*

*In the past 5 years that your government is ruling the country you did things that created an atmosphere of dissatisfaction.*

*Article 6 and Article 56 of the constitution guarantee people’s sovereignty*

*Quotation of Article 177: The contents of the Articles of the Constitution related to the Islamic character of the political system; the basis of all the rules and regulations according to Islamic criteria; the religious footing; the objectives of the Islamic Republic of Iran; the democratic character of the government[…] are unalterable.*

*Quotation of Article 56: Absolute sovereignty over the world and man belongs to God, and it is He Who has made man master of his own social destiny. No one can deprive man of this divine right, nor subordinate it to the vested interests of a particular individual or group. The people are to exercise this divine right in the manner specified in the following articles.*

*If you had acknowledged people’s sovereignty as it is described in the constitution in the first place, no one would criticize you today. You rejected about 2400 potential candidates for the last parliamentary elections to create your own majority, and now you wonder why people are unhappy with the system. I don’t want to talk about the elections that were held in our country in the past. The question is why the guardian council misinterprets the constitution.*

*I’ll quote Article 44 of the constitution to bring it to the spot: “The economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to consist of three sectors: state, cooperative, and private, and is to be based on systematic and sound planning. The state sector is to include all large-scale and mother industries, foreign trade, major minerals, banking, insurance, power generation, dams and large-scale irrigation networks, radio and television, post, telegraph and telephone services, aviation, shipping, roads, railroads and the like; all these will be publicly owned and administered by the State.” But your government privatized almost all of those sectors! But when it comes to Radio and Television you say that this sector must be controlled by the state! Why is that the case? Why does the guardian council say that the privatisation of the IRIB is forbidden. You see, you truly debase the people by your acts. And still you wonder why people are unhappy and want to protest. *

*You close down newspapers and decline people’s right to criticize*

*Not only that…Your government is also incompetent when it comes to economic matters….[…]…the governments wrong policies created a stunning high inflation. In the 8 years of  Khatami’s government the price for meat was about 3000 – 3700 Tomans. Are you aware that now the price for meat is 18.000 Tomans. […]…same with real state…[…]*

*Accept that people are opposing you because you failed in almost every field*

*I will now tell a story about Imam Ali’s rule to show you the gap between the quality of your rule and Ali’s: Once the “Khavaresh” who opposed Ali’s rule disrupted one of Ali’s sermons and insulted him in the mosque. But Ali said: You e are allowed to stay in the mosque and state your dissatisfaction and as long you don’t use your sword we won’t punish you.”*

* But you closed down Ayatollah Dastgheib’s mosque who even is a Marja. You see the gap between your rule and Imam Ali’s!…[…].

Jay E.




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16 01 2010
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16 01 2010
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17 01 2010

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