Reformist attacks government on Iran’s state-owned Channel 3

15 01 2010

The following clip is a excerpt of a very unusual political debate, broadcasted on IRIB’s Channel 3, a state owned TV channel. Dr. Javad Etaat, wo is a former reformist member of the parliament and a member of the central council of Mehdi Karoubi’s Etemad Melli, heavily critisized the regime, especially the events after the election and the bloody crackdown of the protesters.


*I was once invited to hold a speech about the attempt to topple Iran political system with a Velvet Revolution. But we all know that Velvet Revolutions always occure in dictatorships. So basically when you say that some forces are planning to make a Velvet Revolution, you have indirectly admitted that your system is not democratic. But when elections, discussions and competition take place in a free atmosphere, why should people want to make a revolution? People make revolutions maybe only every hundred years and only then when they are totally fed up with the situation. It doesn’t matter whether the revolution is a violent, velvet, coloured, white, black, red  yellow. So when the Islamic Republic talks about Velvet Revolution, there is an unintened confession that Iran is not a free country and people can’t  achieve their goals through the institutions the system offers. So the result is that people want to make a revolution. *

*As an expert of political issues I’m disappointed by IRIB’s (state TV and Radio) current policies. *

*Regarding the bursting of Khomeini’s portrait: Someone bursted his portrait…it’s not even clear who it was. But IRIB  broadcastetdthis scene over and over again. We all know that bursting Khomeini’s portrait is an insult to him, but what about attacking his former residense (Beyte Emam) during Tasua, when former president Khatami was holding a speech? Isn’t that illegal? Isn’t that an Insult to them Imam? There are not many honourable men like Khatami who love Islam, the revolution and the constitution, like the way he does. But still he was attacked by armed thugs. Why did these people do that?  Why is it forbidden to  express a different view? Why wasn’t he allowed to interprete the historic Ashura event the way he wanted? It’s a fact that Khatami is critical to many aspects of the regime, but it’s an insult to this revolution that 30 years after this system was established, people dare to attack other people with batons and knives. Unfortunately the IRIB encourages this kind of behaviour.*

*Regarding Ashura: Everyone loves Emam Hossein, no matter if this person is a jew, christian,  sunnisor shiite. So if someone commited a misconduct during Ashura, be sure that people will punish him.  If singing and clapping is a misconduct during Ashura, then beating and killing people is a much more worse act.Now look how Iman Ali ruled over the people and how we are ruling!*

*IRIB unfortunatelly had a negative role in all these. How do you want the people to express their dissatisfaction with current events if you don’t offer them a fair platform? IRIB must think about that critisizm. You even admitted that certain people refused to take part in your past shows, because they don’t trust the IRIB. I was one of those people but I wanted to use the rare opportunity to express my dissatisfaction.*

Jay E.

There is also a second part of this video, which will be posted tomorrow.




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15 01 2010
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15 01 2010

Thousands thanks for this translation

16 01 2010
16 01 2010
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16 01 2010
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17 01 2010
17 01 2010

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