Karoubi: I’m ready for everything and have no fear.

6 01 2010

Karoubi: I am ready for everything; and have no fear of anything / We never would thought that the Islamic republic would treat its own forces as they do today

Mehdi Karoubi called the current situation of the country the more difficult one for the revolutionary forces in the past 30 years and said: “Some believe that a solution through reconciliation should be found. But we witness that some name the people and the known political figures anything from historic infamous figures to other names; and interestingly these are the same ones who are directing the of violence, repression and confrontations. So we should be hesitant regarding the remarks of the first group.”

The former speaker of the parliament who was talking in a meeting with a group of political and civil activists added: “At the current time, personally I am tolerating the most difficult conditions. Not because of the limitations, insults and etc. but for the people, for you, for the political activists, because the Islamic Republic has reached this point.”

Karoubi by emphasising on the fact that it was not never thought that the Islamic Republic’s situation would reach to the current point that treats its own forces they way it does today, reinstated: “In case of Mir Hossein Mousavi’s nephew, there were days that we went to their house and there were three brothers. One of them was martyred [in Iran-Iran war] and their mother was encouraging her other sons to go and fight for their country and now this day we have to go to their house and say that your other son was killed in the events of Bloody Ashura! Witness what is happening to us!”

The former speaker of the parliament stressed: “Now they have shut down our ways of consultations. No state-run TV and radio, No newspapers, nothing…But only we are announcing our positions that for sure we do.”

He added that there had been days that they talked to hardliners in the parliament that why there should be so much fighting in the parliament and they responded that “our business is in fighting” and now that the government’s service [to the people] is known to all, it has nothing. So they should do these things. We pray to God that rational individuals get involved.

Mehdi Karoubi reiterated: “We are thinking about you; we are anxious and worried; we are following your case and are aware of your situation…. I am ready for everything; and have no fear of anything…. When I hear that these many youths have been deprived of education and freedom, I worry for you more than yourselves…. I would like to emphasise that it is really hard for us to see that the result of our lives, our youth and sacrifices has become this…. There was a time that we would say such person has no relations to MKO but now they (the government) insist on linking devotees [of the revolution] to MKO and with their own hands revive a dead deceitful organisation.”

Karoubi while emphasising on the existence of small hidden group among the oppressive forces that encourage chaos, crimes and insults, warned about the presence of these forces.

In response to the criticism of the representative of the Council for Defending the Right of Education for not bluntly positioning against IRG (Revolutionary Guards), Karoubi informed that the devoted forces of IRG are not devoted to the oppressive and criminal movement; and by pointing out the suffering of devoted forces of IRG, considered their silence a sign of their dissatisfaction.

According to the report of the committee of the Reporters without Borders, in this meeting representatives of the families of the political prisoners, the Committee of Human Rights Reporters, the Council for Defending the Right of Education, members of the Council of the Unity Consolidation Bureau (Tahkim-Vahdat, the main Reformist Student Alumni Organisation), and student activists from Azad and Public Universities were present.

Note: You can find this translation on MirHossein Mousavi’s supporter’s page on facebook

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